Clan War Rules

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Clan War Rules

Post by Administrator on Tue Aug 31, 2010 12:04 am

Rules of:

Requesting clan wars:

-- This is not allowed to put as war reason:
+ "I hate their leader or some of their members"
+ "They annoy me"
+ "They took my member into their clan" (He decided to leave your clan and join the other one, now he's your ex-member)
+ Any other reason that is not counted into "Allowed reasons"

-- This is a real clan war reason!
+ "They killed me more times while i was hanging out with my gang, without a reason"
+ "They where tresspassing my gang hq more times"

-- Max. war duration is 5 days. (Because of preventing to transform the server into a DM server)
-- You can NOT request 2 or more clan wars at the same time (request a other clan war while having a other one)
-- After the war ends, the clan who had a part in the war, can't request a other one next 10 days!


Clan leading rules:

-- It's ALLOWED to enter the base of the enemy clan without permission (ONLY WHILE YOU WAR WITH THEM)
-- Do NOT spawnkill
-- Do NOT insult the enemy clan members even when you're in war!
-- You're NOT allowed to stop the war until the killing deadline that you put in your request.
-- You're NOT allowed to make your enemies to allies! (You can add them as your allies only 10 days after the war)

If 1 of those rules is broken, ALL MEMBERS OF BOTH CLANS will receive a in-game warn!


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