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Apply Damion_Davis

Post by Damion_Davis on Wed Jul 14, 2010 11:10 am

Ingame name? Damion_Davis
Ingame level? 1
Total playtime on server? 5 minutes, i saw a new reset thats why
How much are you online? 2 hours a day . maybe 4 hours
Do you have admin experience? yes i know the commands
Have you ever been warned/kicked/banned as admin? No, the server was offline
Why? ...
What level do you want (
<<Admin Levels>>)? You choose
Why should we accept you? i know the commands and i have experience

Anything else? Test me

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Re: Apply Damion_Davis

Post by Samir on Wed Jul 14, 2010 1:57 pm

#ACCEPTED as lvl 100

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