[APPLY] Dendo_Gulucan

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[APPLY] Dendo_Gulucan

Post by Dendo on Tue Jul 13, 2010 2:56 pm

Ingame name:Dendo_Gulucan
Ingame level:1
Total playtime on server:1 day
How much are you online? 5 days in the week
Skills= 1-10
Being a POPO/WOUT:9
What rank do you want?Captain - (if u don't want i can be Lieutenant or Sergeant)
Why should i accept you?because i am a really good cop , and i was playing at a server and i was very good in that stuff and i am really good RPer so i hope to join here ...
What Squad want u to join(COP/ SWAT/FBI)?FBI
Anything else? nope , just wish me good luck (and sorry for bad english)

[Edit by Samir]I fixed the grammar mistakes xD

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