Ticket Rules [LSPD]

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Ticket Rules [LSPD]

Post by Matthew on Thu Jul 08, 2010 10:58 pm

1: If the suspect runs/drives away for a cop but then surrender ($ 300-500)

2: No license for a vehicle ($ 100-200)

3: Ram a copcar or ram a cop ($ 50-100) if he keeps doing it jail 100 sec

4: Pay no ticket (Then increase with $ 50)

5: For a fake licenses ($ 100-300 and take that license seized)

6: Steal a copcar (Jail 100-120)

7: Killing a cop or innocent people [WHITEKILL] (Jail 120) + If repeat (Jail 5min)

8: Runs/drives away for a cop and he don't surrender (Jail 100-120)

9: A cop attacks (Jail 120)

10: don't know what the suspect did wrong jail 100sec

[Edit by Emboss]Jail time max. 120 sec. If he repeats it 2 times after 1st jail, thats 5min.


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